BREAKING: Senate Republicans’ campaign arm raises $8 MILLION in August, SHATTERING previous records

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chair, Senator Rick Scott of Florida, announced that Senate Republicans had raised $8 million in the month of August.

On September 14, the NRSC released a statement regarding the fundraising efforts. The GOP raised a record amount of money, which is impressive since it’s an off-year for elections. As the nation becomes more polarized, both parties are vying for Senate wins in battleground states. This has ramped up the fundraising efforts and several Senate campaigns have already begun.

The NRSC raised a total of $8 million in August, leaving them with $25.24 million cash on hand. This amounted to 175,552 donors, with 18,981 being first-time donors. The average donation amount was $45.17 and 174,028 of the donations were under $200.

The totaled amount of all the donations under $200 came out to $4.96 million. The NRSC ended August with $0 in debt. The previous month, they raised $7.5 million and finished the month with $24.1 on on-hand cash.

In the statement, Scott said, “As Joe Biden and Senate Democrats continue to tout their ‘Agenda of Abandonment,’ American voters are starting to abandon them. Democrats are responsible for the skyrocketing prices of everyday goods, for a border crisis that’s raged on since January, and for the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that left our own troops and our allies out to dry.”

Continuing, he said: “Voters are turning their backs on Democrats’ constant failures because they know Democrats do not have solutions. Voters know it will be a Republican Senate majority that will work to protect their families and hold Joe Biden accountable for abandoning hard working Americans everywhere.” The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has yet to release their August fundraising results.

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