‘We Need a Military Leader Not a Politician’ Sen. Kennedy BLASTS Milley!

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy on Tuesday did a Fox News interview reacting to the allegations against The Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley. He said, if true, that CJCS was a Chinese informant, the general should resign.

“I have been very disappointed in General Milley. I mean, we need a military leader. We need a chairman of the joint chiefs. Based on his behavior in the last year or two, we don’t have a military leader. We got a politician,” Sen. Kennedy said.

“My Democratic friends are going to probably sweep that under the rug, but I’m ready to hold hearings. I think General Milley has a lot of explaining to do, and I think he ought to stop bellowing and honking on like a goose about white rage and actually try to make our country more secure,” he added.

When asked if Milley should resign, the senator said, “Yes, yes, but these are all allegations, and this is still America. You give me about 15 minutes with General Milley under oath, in front of a committee of the United States Senate, and I’ll get to the truth.”

Gen. Milley is set to testify in the Senate on September 28.

Ever since the Washington Post report about Milley’s alleged Chinese connections have come out, many democrats and media heads have defended Milley for the outrageous crimes that this book suggests.

But many “Trump haters” have also come out and fired back at General Milley. One of the most notables being Former National Security Council Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman who was one of the key witnesses in the impeachment trial last year.

The Pentagon has also confirmed the call details and mentioned General Milley’s calls with Chinese officials were “routine”

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