THEY are COMING for our KIDS! EVERY possible WAY gets LEGITIMATED!


They threaten to take your kids if you don’t want they wish you to do for the moment. I am talking about child “supporting” institutions in all western countries. I am good if kids need to be protected from their parents but at the moment tides are turning that the children need to be protected from anything that has to do with the government and dare these protective parents do their homework and actually inform themselves about so many things. As soon as a child tests positive for the virus, the government can get their dirty hands on your child because the treatment of those are in quarantine are just insane. Nobody is allowed to have contact with that family member and food will just be reached into the room and then there are these regulations that you are only allowed to keep your family member if you have two bathrooms. That means if you don’t want to leave your 4 year old child all on its own with no communication, you are a bad parent and can be forced to that child taken away from you. And how many people have two bathrooms? Especially in Europe two bathrooms aren’t a normal thing. Older citizens of former East Germany still remember these treatments and are reminded of the mental abuse came with these.

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