BREAKING: Study shows that YOUR JAB can become DEADLY JAB for your unvaccinated KIDS!!!


Children are very vulnerable. Not only their mind is still innocent and adults need to take care of what they say around children but also their immune system is extremely fragile but in the first years of a life it is important to get in contact with as many bacteria and viruses as possible to strengthen and build up a good immune system. Latest studies are showing that a vaccinated mother can be more than the whole child can handle. One case got viral after a 5 month old baby died just 2 days after its mother got her jab. The baby showed signs of poisoning after it was breastfed. Hervé Seligmann made a study between January and May with children at the age of 0 to 14 years and added information of “Ourworldindata” and “Euromomo”. His data show that especially children show symptoms of unwanted jab reactions which means that the shedding of the vaccinated parents is highly dangerous to them. The study showed as well that the children in that study showed the first symptoms after 3 to 4 weeks and then the symptoms are increasing till the end of his study time frame of 20 weeks. 8% more children are dying since the “only solution to the pandemic” started.

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