HUGE REPUBLICAN WIN: Texas Gov. Abbott signs bill that PROHIBITS social media companies from BANNING USERS, blocking content

Texas governor Greg Abbott signed a new bill into law this past Thursday which prohibits large social media companies from banning users and blocking their content based on their political beliefs.

The new law is to target social media corporations with at least 50 million monthly users in the U.S., not excluding Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The legislation, billed by the governor’s office as protecting Texans “from wrongful censorship on social media platforms,” is going to allow residents of the state to sue companies for reinstatement of accounts.

“There is a dangerous movement by some social media companies to silence conservative ideas and values,” Abbott said in a video posted to Facebook. “This is wrong and we will not allow it in Texas.” This new measure from the governor comes as rising pressure from many Republican lawmakers in the state of Texas urge Abbott to punish social media companies for their censorship toward conservative voices online. 

CNET reports on the new bill, writing, “In June, a federal judge blocked a Florida law from taking effect that would have allowed the state to punish social media companies for banning politicians or political candidates from their platforms.”

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