CASES rise after a party with ONLY VACCINATED and those WITH IMMUNITY


On the 3rd of September there was a big party in Northrhine Westfalia only for the vaccinated and those who have overcome Covid. Daily new infection numbers of the party people who were there are shooting up. Around 15% of them are new cases meanwhile and no unvaccinated scapegoats around so far. The health ministry is working on identifying if the vaccination cards and all papers are correct. Something similar is happening in Israel right now. Those who are vaccinated and are getting the third jab are more likely to get hospitalized. Nurses worldwide are speaking out and are saying that the hospitals are overwhelmed with the vaccinated but not with the unvaccinated people. It seems more and more that this whole pandemic never has been about health and that the vaccines are doing more harm than good. Australia has become a huge prison and people worldwide are rising up to not let this happen to their Nations. When will this pandemic be over and people can sit happily together with no sorrows in their minds again? Numbers at the moment are more leading into Christmas celebrated alone or with many death cases in the families because of multiple causes. So dark thoughts about such a bright and colorful holiday!

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