BREAKING: RALLIES of German Parties are HEATING UP! Who will LAUGH LAST after the Election in 12 days?


The political arena in Germany is getting hotter everyday. Just 12 days to go until the new Elections will show what the Germans REALLY think. The Green Party, the social and the democratic party sometimes has to hide their people because the people are so fed up with their lies and chanting many not at all nice things when they try to give their speeches. The biggest opponent to their agenda is the alternative for Germany that gets defamation based on lies wherever the News can get an article out into the public. The latest defamation act comes from the official Jewish committee of Germany that this party is full of antisemitism but who dares to look a little closer can see that this party has the highest amount of Jewish members of all German parties. The chants that this party is absolutely Nazi depends on your point of view. If it has to do with antisemitism the answer is no but if it has to do with empowering and strengthening the nuclear German family and that only men need to work to support his family financially, then the answer is absolutely a yes. Germany is still a very conservative country and the elections will show if the old ruling parties find enough people who will vote them because the people and their family did it for generations.

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