BREAKING: Merkel opens the most important fair for CAR TECHNOLOGIES by visiting a BIKE for TRANSPORTATION

While the world is paying China billions to support that “third World nation” and thanking them for the great technology that has escaped one of their “third World nation”-Labs in Wuhan, the western world just thinks about how to destroy their nations best. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of the nation of car technology opened the IAA with the presentation of a bike that can carry a lot of things. Of course, it is not an E-bike. Only the good old muscle power counts in the fight against this CO2 emissions. I hope nobody tells them that these emissions increase when a person has to ride that bike… The home country of Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Audi are changing their products to only electrical products because anything that harms the planet will happen on other continents and so they are almost not happening on planet earth. The old cars that run with fossil fuels will also be brought to another planet where they can live a long and fulfilling life on African soil. Chancellor Merkel will never be forgotten in the country of technologies but Hitler reached the same goal in the same country. One is pro Germans and technology and the other person is contra Germans but pro islamic terror and absolutely contra any kind of technology that could strengthen the German economy.

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