Schwarzenegger BLASTS Newsom, says atmosphere of recall is ‘exactly the same’ as when he won in 2003

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that the atmosphere of this year’s recall vote “is exactly the same. The atmosphere is exactly the same (as) when I ran,” Schwarzenegger said.

“There’s millions of people out there that are dissatisfied, dissatisfied with the way the corona was handled, dissatisfied with the fires,” Schwarzenegger pointed out. He says all of it is “very dangerous” for Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, whom Schwarzenegger calls a friend. “It’s very dangerous for him because you got to take this stuff seriously. For too long, they didn’t take it seriously. But now I think they do take it seriously,” he said of the Newsom camp.

Schwarzenegger also dismissed claims that the recall effort is Republican-led. “Almost half of the people that are running are not Republicans. So it is incorrect to say to the people that it is a Republican power grab,” he said on the new CNN podcast “Total Recall: California’s Political Circus,” which is a detailed look back at the 2003 recall that made Schwarzenegger governor.

“There’s a reason why people are angry and they’re not just disappointed. … I drive by homeless people every day when I go to Gold’s Gym and I talk to some of them. They’re angry the way they’ve been pushed around and they’ve been promised things and no delivery,” he said. But he also sympathizes with business owners, whose boardwalk store fronts he says have been fouled by human waste.

“This is your environment in front of a store that you’re paying taxes for and you’re paying a lot of rent for, this is inexcusable. Where’s the protection for our business community that it pays its taxes?” Schwarzenegger acknowledged that these are reasons for Newsom to be recalled. He says he is merely pointing out the realities of the Democrat’s situation.

Schwarzenegger added that the whole point of California’s ballot initiative system, and even recalls, is that voters are smart enough to make decisions that impact their lives. “The bottom line is it is a recall and he has to deal with it and hear the rules,” Schwarzenegger said of Newsom [CNN].

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