MEDIA’S RACISM IN PLAIN SITE: CNN blasted for article claiming ‘whiteness’ will expand to be ‘tan-ness’ 

CNN faced criticism over the weekend after it revealed an article claiming it was a “myth” that white supremacy would fade away as America grew to become more diverse.

“Racism will likely be just as entrenched in a browner America as it is now. It will still be White supremacy, with a tan,” CNN Enterprise author John Blake stated. In the Saturday article, author John Blake argued that “Whiteness” was elastic and that because the inhabitants grew to become more diverse, as seen in the 2020 U.S. census report, white supremacy would adapt as a result of being white might expand to incorporate new members, “if they have the right look.”

“Don’t ever underestimate White supremacy’s ability to adapt. The assumption that more racial diversity equals more racial equality is a dangerous myth. Racial diversity can function as a cloaking device, concealing the most powerful forms of White supremacy while giving the appearance of racial progress,” Blake wrote.

Blake later claimed that how “Whiteness” was outlined all through the historical past was a prime instance of how White supremacy can adapt, citing the eventual inclusion of Italians, Irish and Jewish folks into the White race when, he mentioned, they weren’t initially thought-about to be “fully White.” Critics took to social media to blast the article, with some describing it as “propaganda,” “racist,” and “beyond parody” (The Conservative Take).

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