HEARTBREAKING—HOLD DEMS ACCOUNTABLE: 4-year-old boy among 48 shot in Chicago over Labor Day weekend, report shows

A 4-year-old boy shot on Friday during a violent Labor Day Weekend in Chicago died two days later, Fox 32 reported.

Fox 32 tweeted “REST IN PEACE: Mychal Moultry, 4, was shot on Friday. He was inside, where he should have been safe, but bullets came flying through a window.” Mychal Moultry was shot twice in the head on Friday, bullets flying through the side window, front window and front door of his home, Fox 32 reported. The motive, shooter and target remain unknown.

Moultry was just one of at least ten children or teenagers shot in Chicago this weekend, according to the Chicago Tribune. Among nearly 50 shot this weekend in Chicago, at least two died of their injuries, reported Fox News. Shootings increased 9% in the last week of August compared to the same period last year, according to records from the Chicago Police Department.

Activists continue to call on police to take action regarding the 280 children shot in Chicago this year, Fox 32 reported. Over Independence Day weekend in 2021, violence in Chicago left 13 people dead and 64 people injured, according to data from the Gun Violence Archives, the Daily Caller previously reported. The most shooting attempts of any city in the United State that weekend happened in Chicago, reflecting the city’s surge in crime.

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