BIDEN IS DISGRACEFUL: Sister of fallen Marine says Biden DIDN’T LOOK HER IN THE EYE during meeting

Appearing Monday on Newsmax’s Wake Up America, Cheyenne McCollum, the sister of U.S. Marine Rylee McCollum who was killed recently in an ISIS-led terror attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, said “everything felt fake” about Joe Biden’s in-person apology for her brother’s death.

Rob Finnerty asked in the interview, “Your father and your sister chose not to meet Joe Biden at the dignified transfer, but you did alongside Rylee’s widow, who is pregnant. Tell us about that. McCollum replied, ”I wouldn’t say I necessarily stayed to meet him. I stayed to support Rylee’s wife because I didn’t want her to sit alone and she wanted the chance to look him in the eye, so I sat beside her to do that as well. I stayed and when he came up to us, about 15 seconds in I had to walk away. It was so insincere. He didn’t look us in the eye, he gave her a pat on the knee and said, ‘I know what you’re going through, I lost my son.’ He didn’t lose his son serving.”

Finnerty asked, ”What else did he say in that interaction and how long did it last?” McCollum answered, “Maybe three minutes. He just said, “there’s nothing I can say” and would go back to talking about his son. I don’t even think he knows Rylee’s name to be honest. I think he should know every single name of every solider we lost, but he didn’t know or say anything personal.”

Finnerty responded back, “Did you feel like he was being stage managed as he was being taken from family to family?” McCollum stated, “Yeah, everything felt fake if I’m being honest” (Freedom Bunker).

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