CNN SINKS FURTHER: Acosta’s Appearance Tanks Viewership To Half!

Ever since CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta took over the afternoon timeslot on the network, it has lost around half viewership as reported by MRC’s NewsBusters.

Nielsen Media Research found that there was a whopping 42 percent loss in total viewers (1.151 million to 668,000) and an equally astounding 46 percent hemorrhage in the 25-54 demographic (249,000 to 135,000) since Acosta took over.

Before Acosta, CNN’s Ana Cabrera was on this spot for around four years. Cabrera is the infamous CNN “reporter” who is part of the Project Veritas lawsuit against CNN. Back in February, she lied on air and contradicted her own claim about Project Veritas’ Twitter suspension.

This declining viewership isn’t any new experience for CNN as many of their shows are consistently experiencing similar trends and breaking their own records every week for getting record low viewership.

The most well-known host in this category is CNN’s Brian Stelter aka the “ratings killer” whose mere appearance on other network causes significant viewership decline. [Suggested: Brian Stelter’s Segment on Colbert Show Gets Record Low Ratings!]

What do you make of Jim Acosta and other CNN shows experiencing rapid decline in viewership? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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