TROJAN HORSE DETECTED: German citizens are disgusted as it hits the flood victims AGAIN!!


It is not the first time that catastrophic floods are abused for other things the German citizens wouldn’t go well with and this time the Trojan Horse was detected. Too late again but not that late like the last times. After the last catastrophic flood, not the complete funded money was used for the flood victims but the “considered rest of it” was used to build homes for the refugees in 2015. The catastrophic floods this year are filled with disastrous behavior of the German Government. It started with the lack of information before the floods even occurred that could have saved thousands of lives. Then after donating millions of Euros to WHO and other Pharma companies, the German politicians actually ASKED the German citizens for donations to the flood victims and now comes the latest bomb for German citizens: After already having the clean up heavily abused for political issues like the Anti – Vaxxers. (“Don’t take help from these wrong minded people!”) The law of mandatory vaccination cards have been put into place with many laws and helping funds around the last floods that occurred in at least 3 different places in Germany. German citizens are getting more and disgusted of this kind of abuse!

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