MUST WATCH: Massive Crowd Chants “F**k Joe Biden” Across Football Stadiums

Recently, across the country, during many college football games, a large crowd can be heard sharing their disagreement with President Biden and his administration.

Fans in multiple stadiums were heard chanting “F**k Joe Biden” in a number of college football stadiums which is very contrast to what the mainstream media wants you to believe with their woke leftist propaganda and in many cases encouraging athletes and fans to protest the American national anthem.

This comes after countless failures from the Biden administration that have frustrated many Americans that includes many Biden and Democrat supporters. According to a recent poll, about 60% of Americans now want Biden to be impeached. And many who voted for him now regret their decision amid the Afghanistan Crises, Border failure, rising inflation and unemployment, and many other failures caused by Biden’s policies.

Here are several videos of fans chanting anti-Biden messages across the country. Compiled by Twitter blog Old Row Sports

What do you make of crowds chanting this phrase across the country? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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