Desantis BLASTS Vaccine Passports: “I don’t want biomedical security state”


Florida Republican Governor Ron Desantis briefly talked about the state law that fines $5000 to places and organizations that demand proof of vaccination.

The Republican-led state Legislature had passed the bill, SB 2006 back in May that effectively banned businesses, governments, schools, and any private organizations from demanding “vaccine passports” from Floridians seeking their services.

The Governor called out liberal policies of mandating vaccine passports “useless” and “anti-science”

“I don’t want a biomedical security state in which we have to constantly have to do this just to live everyday life,” The governor said in a press conference. “At the end of the day, vaccines have helped people ward off severe illness. At the end of the day though, it is about your health and whether you want that protection or not.”

“I also don’t want two classes of citizens,” he added. “We have some people in our communities who have just made the decision this is something they are not going to do. What, are you going to write them out of society?”

Referring to Prominent Democrat Politicians And Media Talking Heads who are suggesting discrimination against the unvaccinated.

While Democrat lead states like New York and California are consistently looking to further down on their COVID tyranny with new mask mandate laws, regardless of one’s vaccination status, Republican states like Florida and Texas are easing down on such regulation.

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