PEOPLE ARE RISING: Amsterdam, Berlin, Australia, Italy, France and so many more places are sick and tired of worldwide NAZI-Germany


One country after the other, one state after the other and one city after the other are joining the battle against Agenda 2030 – to build back better. The more the plans of this agenda is unfolded the more people are realizing that this is “Nazi-Germany 2.0”. The passport to show that you are not a Jew – oh sorry- fully vaccinated and then the huge camps in Australia where “dangerous” people are getting in are just two examples that give me bad chills but there is more to find. The advantage the Agenda 2030 uses is the incredible internet connections and that everything is digitalized but this comes as a disadvantage to them, too. With the technology to inform yourself via internet and connect to people worldwide, people don’t need a TV to get the latest news and especially only those news the media only wants us to have. If it would be only for the MSM we wouldn’t know that people all over this planet are in the streets or fighting in more creative ways. The Australian Truckers are doing an excellent job in protesting the mandatory vaccine passports. We all get encouraged to take the next step because we know that we are not alone in this fight!

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