MUST WATCH: Victor Davis Hanson BLASTS Biden For Leaving Military Equipment Behind!

Source: Fox News

Conservative commentator and Hoover Institution senior fellow, Professor Victor Davis Hanson on Friday made an appearance on Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight and shared great insights about the consequences and price of leaving billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind for the Taliban to use.

“I don’t know whether it is their distraction because of wokeness, as they go through the ranks and rosters trying to weed out potential supremacists, or they’re just incompetent, or they’re too worried about the revolving door of going in and out from defense contractor boards, but we need a bipartisan investigation of our top brass and the system, it’s a systemic failure and it’s costing us dearly,” Hanson said.

Prof. Hanson also pointed out that the amount of equipment left behind for the Taliban adds up to 85% of military aid provided to Israel for 70 years.

Pointing out that the Taliban now owns more Abrams tanks than the U.S. has “ever deployed.” Concluding that this is “the greatest loss of military equipment in the history of warfare.”

He also pointed out the ridiculousness of the Pentagon for taking this “so nonchalantly” and the mainstream media “experts” completely ignoring this issue. He also demanded that “the people responsible for this should be either fired or resign. They’ve done so much damage to the United States and they’ve empowered a pre-civilizational terrorist band into making them into a considerable militia that will cause havoc for the next 20 years.” Hanson added.

President Biden has already claimed this evacuation is the “most successful” evacuation in US history with most of his media allies blindly supporting this idea despite hundreds of Americans still left behind in the Taliban-controlled land.

What do you think of Professor Hanson’s insights and what do you make of the Biden administration’s failure to secure taxpayer funded military equipment behind for Taliban? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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