After Record Lows Under Trump; Black Unemployment Is Skyrocketing Under Biden

Of the numerous accomplishments one could cite from Donald Trump’s term, which would include brokering peace in the middle east as well bringing millions of jobs back to America, one would also be inclined to cite the record low unemployment among black Americans.

But because no good deed must be left unpunished, in the advent of a Biden presidency, we are unfortunately seeing a massive uptick of unemployment in the black community. This is an ironic sort of dialectic, where the man who is endlessly charged with lazy accusations of racism (by people with extremely poorly calibrated racist detectors) seems to have done more for the black community than any other president. While the man who infamously said on live television that if a member of the supposed black community didn’t vote for him, then they “ain’t black” is doing nothing but undoing and furthering the damage caused to the black community historically by Democrats.

As reports, “Fast-forward to the present day: Despite the vast majority of the country having shed pandemic restrictions which created millions of job openings, unemployment for blacks has shot up again under President Joe Biden, a phenomenon which is undermining his pledge to leave no Americans behind, Just The News reported Monday. “The rise in black unemployment in August is certainly troubling, considering their unemployment rates were already much higher than any other group,” Elise Gould, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, noted on Twitter. Blacks also recorded lower levels of poverty under Trump, Just The News noted.

One economist who served as an adviser to Trump, Stephen Moore, said that economic and employment trend lines for blacks under Biden are ominous, especially given all of the congressionally approved COVID-19 relief that was doled out.

“It doesn’t matter how much free money Biden passes out to people. There can be no black economic progress in households with no one working,” he said.”

Under Trump, we had the lowest black unemployment rate in American history… 5.5%, where as, thanks to the Biden administration, the rate of black unemployment has risen to a staggering 8.8%.

These are real numbers with real consequences, but Democrats can at least take heart that there are no mean tweets, amounting a hollow and pathetic “victory” for the Left.

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