CNN MELTDOWN Over Supreme Court Supporting Texas Law!

Source: CNN

Amongst all the mainstream media outrage over the Supreme Court decision to not block the Texas abortion law, CNN yesterday took the cake for being the most hilarious meltdown on air.

CNN had their contributor, Laura Jarrett who is the daughter of Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett who expressed her concerns about the 1973 decision Roe V. Wade being challenged in the Supreme Court this year.

“This was sort of the moment everyone was waiting for after they had essentially refused to act the day before. They finally break their silence, and they do it in a very short order, just a short paragraph, unsigned opinion, from the Court’s more conservative wing here, essentially saying, you can come back later, but for now, this Texas law stands.

The Court says, we essentially, we don’t have any game here, because it isn’t a federal official who’s actually the one in charge of enforcing it, it’s these private plaintiffs. We don’t have anything to pick up here. So essentially, the Court is saying you can come back another day, but for now this law stands. Which is essentially incredible, doing an end-run around Roe in less than a page.”

Then, liberal author Irin Carmon jumped in with her “outdated terminology” and made a fool out of herself by contradicting her previous stances of “men getting pregnant”

“Roe v. Wade said a womanβ€”or pregnant personβ€”has a right to end their pregnancy before viability.”

She didn’t want to appear as “transphobic” and want anyone to think that “only women” can get pregnant.

This was just one of another episode of forever “pro choice” liberal talking heads contradicting their own false narratives and getting outraged over the abortion ban and expressing concerns over Roe V. Wade being challenged later this year.

What do you make of this CNN segment? Do you believe Roe V. Wade will be overturned in the Supreme Court this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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