HUGE WIN: Federal Court Dismisses “FRIVOLOUS” Case Against Voter ID

Three Federal Judges on Friday dismissed the request by the leftist activist group Black Votes Matter (BVM) claiming that Ballot Postage is an example of Poll Tax in Georgia.

The U.S. Court Of Appeals for the 11th Circuit upheld a ruling dismissing BVM’s attempt to undermine the fair election process.

BVM is a 501(c)(4) based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They are looking to eliminate voter identification with claims that “absentee ballot postage infringes on the 14th and 24th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution”

“We hold that the fact that absentee voters in Georgia who decide to vote by mail must pay their own postage is not a ‘tax’ or unconstitutional fee on voting” the court mentioned in its ruling. Concluding that “Plaintiffs’ claims border on the frivolous.”

“Georgia voters, without paying any money, have the option to vote in person, bring their absentee ballot to the county election office, or drop their ballot in a county drop box,” the court stated.

This BVM request was a part of the left’s ongoing efforts to overturn voting laws. Many prominent Democrat officials including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden are suggesting to make the election process federal and take power from the states. They have also suggested that demanding identification at polling booths is a “sign of racism” claiming that many minority communities don’t have an ID and don’t know how to get one.

President Biden has gone as far as characterizing voter ID laws to that of the Jim Crow era.

Many Republican lawmakers, despite strong opposition from Democrats, have set security measures and have mandated Voter IDs, and have banned political activists from passing out food and water at polling places.

One of the latest such attempts is the H.R.4 aka “The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act” BVM strongly supports this act just as they supported the previous S.1 bill that failed to pass in the Senate.
H.R.4 grants bureaucrats in the U.S. Justice Department ability to veto election procedure changes in states essentially making elections federal.

What do you make of this ruling? Do you think Voter IDs and common sense election security measures should pass in every U.S. state? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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