California Teacher FIRED After Being Exposed By Project Veritas!


Gabriel Gipe, the Inderkum High School teacher from Sacramento, California was recently exposed by Project Veritas where he bragged about how he was pushing communist propaganda in his classroom.

Gipe, a proud Antifa member bragged to Project Veritas’ undercover journalist that he was teaching his students to become “revolutionaries” through communist ideologies.

He also admitted to giving extra credit to his students based on their willingness to participate in radical leftist events hosted by Antifa and other activist groups.

Gripe also had an Antifa flag, a gay pride flag, and a photo of Mao Zedong in his classroom.

After this shocking video was published by Project Veritas on Tuesday, Natomas Unified School District issued a statement saying they are looking into the situation.

“We understand that parents and Natomas community members have expressed their concern about the contents of this video,” the statement read. “We respect and recognize their expressions of concern. Natomas Unified, as always, will look into this matter and take any appropriate actions as necessary. District policy explicitly states, ‘Whenever civic education includes topics that may be controversial due to political beliefs or other influences, instruction shall be presented in a balanced manner that does not promote any particular viewpoint.’ That is always the expectation.”

“Sadly, a number of emails have come in from outside our community that express hate and threats,” the statement added. “There is sad irony in that outsiders are expressing displeasure towards the individual teacher while also using intense vulgarity, hate speech and threats of violence.”

And soon after that Gripe was fired for violating the California education code and Project Veritas reported that all the leftist posters and flags from Gripe’s classroom were removed.

Following the firing, Natomas Unified School Board held a parents meeting where a number of parents blasted the school board for promoting propaganda and praised Veritas’ brave investigation.

Project Veritas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by James O’Keefe that has done many impactful undercover operations exposing lies and corruption in many organizations.

O’Keefe encourages people to securely reach out with tips via

What do you think of this undercover investigation and teachers bragging about promoting leftist ideologies in their classrooms? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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