Texas Gov. Abbott FIGHTS BACK against Biden’s INSANE border crisis, authorizes National Guard to arrest ALL illegal crossers

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday that he has authorized state National Guard members to arrest people who illegally cross the Texas-Mexico border.

In addition to dealing with law enforcement, the Texas National Guard will also help with the early stages of constructing border barriers and a border wall. Governor Abbott praised their efforts saying, “The Texas National Guard is playing an unprecedented role to secure the border because of the unprecedented refusal of the federal government to fulfill its obligations under federal law.”

Governor Abbott named border security funding as a priority for the current legislative Special Session. In a call with border sheriffs and county judges on Saturday, the Governor urged border sheriffs and county judges to make their voices heard to the House Appropriations Committee during a hearing this week on the urgent need for this additional funding to secure the border.

Since Governor Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March 2021, over 4,600 arrests have been made by the Texas Department of Public Safety for charges including criminal mischief and criminal trespass.

Additionally, OLS has led to the confiscation of drugs and illegal firearms, including over 700 pounds of cocaine, 127 pounds of deadly fentanyl, over 8,500 pounds of cannabis, and over 270 firearms to date. In July 2021, more than 212,000 people attempted to illegally cross Texas’ southern border, the largest number since 2000.

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