“Successful”; Joe Biden Boasts Of Calamitous Afghanistan Exit In Bizarre Speech

Earlier today, President Biden gave a grim and deceptive (if perhaps only to himself) speech regarding what he, incredibly, characterized, as the “successful” exit of Americans from Afghanistan. The minefield of incompetence that was the exit strategy (the word strategy must be used metaphorically here) which has seen around 90% of Americans withdrawn.

This seems at odds with Biden’s promise that he was either going to get everyone out or stay there until they were safe.

As TrendingPolitics reports, President Biden once again attempted to blame his predecessor Donald Trump for the disaster, while at the same time touting the evacuation efforts as one of the most successful rescue operations in history. At the end of the press conference, Biden once again showed that he does not feel any accountability to the American people. He turned his back at his press conference, but then came back for the most frivolous of reasons, amidst questions shouted at him at the last second.

The concern and the only one that seemed to occupy Biden’s admittedly frail mind was that head forgotten his mask. The President didn’t answer any questions nor did he even bother himself to look up at the inquiring minds of the press.

In a boondoggle that has seen more American lives taken in the last couple of weeks than in the previous 10 years of our conflict with Afghanistan, it would seem that the President ought to do a little bit better than that in terms of holding himself, and indeed, his administration accountable for the blood that is on their collective hands.

Prominent political figures such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Senate Minority leader Kevin Mcarthy have already called for the impeachment of the President. McCarthy has even gone so far as to launch an internal investigation as to the handling of Afghanistan.

One’s hope is that the calls for impeachment grow ever-louder and that the clarion calls will not fall on deaf ears.

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