NEW POLL: Biden’s Approval Ratings Now Record Low!

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

According to a Tuesday poll, President Joe Biden is sitting on one of the lowest approval ratings in his time as President amid his disastrous exit strategy from Afghanistan, the border crises, rising inflation, and many other failed policies.

Morning Consult reported that only 48 percent of voters think that Biden is doing a good job while a staggering 49 percent are disappointed with the administration’s work so far.

This marks a massive seven-point drop in just two weeks.

Morning Consult poll

This latest poll was conducted amongst 15,623 registered U.S. voters.

It shows Biden’s net approval rating is down by at least six points among independents, and even Democrats are now unhappy with the Biden administration.

According to many, including prominent Democrat supporters, Biden, and his administration have failed to show proper leadership during this Afghanistan crisis. The President and the Vice President have held just a handful of press conferences in this time and have failed to answer serious questions regarding their exit strategy.

According to recent reports, many Americans are still left behind in now Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and no one in the military or executive branch leadership has a proper estimate on the number of Americans and allies left behind and a plan to safely evacuate them out of the hostile land.

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