“I Think If There’s Blame To Go Around, It’s That, Maybe The Generals Didn’t Stand Up Enough To Joe Biden”; Dan Crenshaw Say Biden Willfully Ignored “Good Advice” From Generals

TrendingPolitics recently reported that “Rep. Dan Crenshaw said that he is certain that top U.S. military commanders gave President Joe Biden sound advice on how to best withdraw from Afghanistan but he ignored it and chose a less-safe, far more unstable path instead. In addition, the Texas Republican suggested that at some point during those discussions, military commanders who were certain Biden’s decisions were going to put American forces and citizens in harm’s way and could not convince the president to change his mind should have resigned rather than carry out his orders.”

“I think if there’s blame to go around, it’s that, maybe the generals didn’t stand up enough to Joe Biden,” Crenshaw told Fox News Radio host Brian Kilmeade on Monday in discussing the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan. “I know for a fact they gave him the right advice and he decided not to take it,” Crenshaw, a retired Navy SEAL officer with several combat tours who was wounded in Afghanistan and nearly lost all of his vision.

As the Daily Wire reported, “It’s a reasonable criticism: ‘Well, why didn’t you resign in protest?’ That’s a reasonable criticism, and I’d like to hear an explanation to that, perhaps,” Crenshaw added. The Texas representative also blasted the State Department for echoing dubious claims and talking points from the Biden administration, noting that the department “has a lot to answer for.” “You know, when I hear from Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan, they tend to repeat the lies of the administration more than most. And I think the State Department has a lot to answer for on this,” he said.

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