CUOMO IS SCUM: Ex-NY Gov. Cuomo granted clemency to 6, including driver of ARMED ROBBERY that killed two police officers

Last Monday, in his last hours as the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo granted clemency to six people.

Among the six people Cuomo granted clemency to, one was David Gilbert, 76, who was the convicted driver of the 1981 armored truck robbery, which resulted in the deaths of a guard and two police officers. Gilbert was an unarmed getaway driver and although he didn’t kill anyone, he was part of the group that did. He and his co-defendants deemed themselves ‘freedom fighters’, even raising their fists in court and shouting, “Free the land!”. One of his co-defendants was granted parole in 2019 by Cuomo.

Chesa Boudin, the son of Gilbert, had petitioned for his father’s release earlier this year. He is the chief prosecutor for the city of San Francisco. He emailed the Associated Press: “On the eve of my first child’s birth, my father, David Gilbert, has been granted clemency. Although he never used a gun or intended for anyone to get hurt, my father’s crime caused unspeakable harm and devastated the lives of many separate families. I will continue to keep those families in my heart.”

The other five consisted of four convicted of murder and one who had falsified business records and allegedly embezzled millions of dollars. Cuomo’s actions are not out of the blue. In fact, last week he granted clemency to ten people. One of those was Jon-Adrian Velazquez, who killed a retired New York City police officer in 1998. He had already unsuccessfully campaigned for exoneration.

Those granted clemency will now have the opportunity to bring their cases to a board, who will decide whether they will be freed. Cuomo resigned two weeks ago after months of allegations of sexual misconduct. The previous lieutenant governor, Kathy Hocahul, replaced him as governor. She is the first female governor of the state of New York.

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