BIDEN IS NOT WITH US: Biden forgets where he is, accidentally tells Americans to visit WRONG vaccine website

During a speech in Monday, President Joe Biden encouraged Americans to visit a website to set up their Covid-19 vaccine appointments. However, he gave Americans the wrong site.

Instead of sending Americans to the correct website, which is a government ran website that is used to help coordinate vaccination appointments, he mistakenly sends them to which is a website ran by a private company to provide information about the safety of vaccines. “Please get vaccinated now,” Biden said. “If you go to vaccines dot com. Vaccines dot com or text your zip code to 438829 you can find a number of vaccine sites near you.”

According to Breitbart News the correct website was on more than just the teleprompter, it was also all over the promotional material surrounding him. He completed his speech and left the room without taking any questions. This isn’t the first time he has asked Americans to do a task while giving them the wrong information.

During a democratic presidential debate Joe Biden made the mistake of urging voters to go to Joe30330 but he was supposed to tell them to “text Joe3o33o.” Asking people to text a custom number is a popular way for businesses and campaigns to gather information or connect with the potential voter. Biden messed this up and ended up sending people to a website completely unrelated to him.

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