COMMUNIST Disney to force ALL on-site workers to be vaccinated—regardless of medical or religious exceptions

Disney reached an agreement with unions representing its workers on Monday requiring all on-site employees to be fully vaccinated by late October, excluding specific exemptions.

Employees can request exemptions from receiving the vaccine for medical or religious reasons, under the terms of the agreement. In late July, The Walt Disney Company announced it would require all non-union hourly and salaried employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The company gave on-site employees 60 days starting from July 30 to complete their round of vaccinations and asked employees working from home to provide proof of vaccination before they could return to work.

“This means to work at Walt Disney World, unless you have a medical or religious accommodation need, that you will be required to be vaccinated,” Unite Here Local 362 president Eric Clinton said. “Vaccines are the best way to protect all of us, and Disney will be requiring it of its cast members.”

Employees must show proof of vaccination by October 22nd to remain employed with Disney. The company will hold vaccination on-site vaccine events for employees over the next several weeks, the union statement said.

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