BIDEN IS RESPONSIBLE: Afghan refugee claims the Taliban are raping the DEAD BODIES of its victims

A female Afghan refugee going under the name “Muskan” has told India News18 on Saturday how Taliban fighters are raping both live women but also dead bodies of their victims.

Muskan left her job in Afghanistan for New Delhi when “her life was threatened by a Jihadist group.” The article does not state when she left Afghanistan. She states ‘they rape dead bodies too. They don’t care whether the person is dead or alive.” Muskan claims the Taliban is seizing women from “each household” in towns conquered by the Taliban. She also states the Taliban has strategized a “horrible destiny” for any women suspected of working for the Afghan federal government.

Shabana Basik-Rasikh, founder of an all-girls school in Afghanistan, has burned its records of students to protect them from the Taliban. Anderlini, CEO of the International Civil Society Network (ICAN) tells CNN she has heard reports of Taliban “taking girls away from their families, or demanding that they hand over to their daughters.”

The Taliban are taking these young women for forced marriage or rape. Still, the Taliban claims their new regime will be more respectful of women and their rights than the previous Taliban government was (Breitbart).

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