Stop Copying Us: White House Calls Defense Contractor Soulless For Charging For Afghan Evacuations Just Days After Attempting Charge For Afghan Evacuations

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Eric Prince, the founder of defense contractor Blackwater, started offering his firm’s services to evacuate people out of Kabul. But, those services would come at a cost.

The price tag: $6,500 per seat. For a little more, Blackwater will ensure that you make it from your home to the airport to get on your flight.

The attempt to profit was condemned by the White House late Wednesday.

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the move heartless and soulless.

When asked about the Blackwater “exploitation,” Psaki said, “We are evacuating tens of thousands of people every day, for free…I don’t think any human being who has a heart and soul would support efforts to profit off of peoples’ agony and pain as they’re trying to depart a country and fearing for their lives.”

We would agree with you Jen, but, your own words and the previous actions of this administration are going to come back to haunt you on this topic.

We reported just a few days ago that the Biden State Department was charging Americans $2,000 or more to evacuate them. Not up front, but through a promissory note, under threat of not renewing their passports for non-payment.

So, that is a pretty good discount compared to what Blackwater is offering.

Tell us Jen, is it only heartless and soulless after a certain dollar amount? If so, what is that threshold?

The reporter asked if Prince’s plan was exploitative given that there might be other options.

Psaki pointed to the fact that the US government is a viable option, for free.

But at another point in that same press conference, the press secretary admitted that Americans would be left behind come the passing of next Tuesday’s Taliban-directed deadline for the complete withdrawal of US troops from the country.

So, the fact that they are evacuating “tens of thousands” of people everyday doesn’t guarantee safe passage out of the crumbling country.

Especially for Americans, who make up between only 4%-6% of the people being evacuated.

This administration does not exactly have the moral high ground on this particular topic, given that they were also charging for flights to safety and that they plan to leave Americans behind as they complete the total surrender to the terrorists now running Afghanistan.

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