BREAKING NEWS: Biden Remains Absent After US Military Suffers Numerous Casualties During Suicide Bombings At Kabul Airport

YouTube screenshot, Courtesy of Fox News

The Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, speaking with Central Command’s General McKenzie, have confirmed that at least a dozen members of the US Armed forces have been killed and at least 15 more wounded in the suicide bombings that are occurring in Kabul as we write this. Most of those casualties were US Marines.

We just published a report of the wide-spread attacks that have claimed nearly one hundred lives. The casualty count is expected to increase.

The Pentagon, being the only department of this administration that is talking, as confirmed that they are relying on the Taliban to provide outer-perimeter security at the airport. General McKenzie stated the he currently has enough troops on the ground to protect themselves.

The families of those Marines may beg to differ.

You read that correctly. The US Department of Defense is is relying on the Taliban to protect the evacuation efforts from ISIS.

The only thing coming from the White House is via the press secretary’s Twitter feed, where she has retweeted sever times the comments of John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary. And those retweets were sent approximately 11 am (EST). The time f this writing is 3 pm (EST).

There has been no response, statements or press releases from the White House that we can find.

The first attack took place nearly two hours before the press secretary retweeted. In the span of roughly 6 hours, the President has had nothing to say, the State Department, who issued a warning of imminent threats of this type of attack just hours before the first explosion, has confirmed that they will have no press briefings today.

Where is the President? Why are we not hearing from him? Why is the Pentagon relying on terrorists to protect us from other terrorists?

The President cannot be bothered with making a statement, but his predecessor issued one just a few minutes ago.

Why are American soldiers dying for what the White House has classified as a success, and the Biden administration has nothing to say?

What are we supposed to make of this silence from the Commander-in-Chief? Will he take responsibility for these deaths.

Will the American people demand that he do so?

We will update this story if the White House issues a statement or the casualty/wounded numbers continue to rise.

Stay tuned to The Raging Patriot for more breaking news.

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