AFGHANS FIGHTING BACK: Afghan resistance fighters reportedly take back HUGE territory from Taliban

Afghan resistance fighters reportedly seized three districts in the northeastern Baghlan province from the Taliban.

According to Afghanistan government officials, the fighters are mujahideen members who used their own weapons against the Taliban, killing over 30 and injuring dozens during the attack. The three districts include Hesar Bridge, Deh Salah, and Beno.

The maintained presence and activity of local Afghan militias suggests the domestic war within the country may not putter out following the unsuccessful withdrawal of the American military.

“We have ignited something that is historic in Afghanistan,” 28-year-old local Afghan fighter Sediqullah Shuja told The Washington Post. “Taliban fighters had armored vehicles, but people threw stones at Taliban fighters and drove them out. As long as we are alive, we do not accept the Taliban’s rule.”

As the terrorist organization continues to gain more power through access to US equipment and use of force, international presence is on the decline. Over 10,000 American citizens are suspected to remain in the country, along with other militaries including the British and Australians. Thousands of Afghans and Americans are attempting to leave the country from the Kabul airport, which the Taliban is blocking entry to and attempting to control. 

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