TIME TO IMPEACH SLEEPY JOE: Biden to charge AMERICAN CITIZENS over $2K to get out of Afghanistan

On Thursday, rumors surfaced that the U.S. would be requiring anyone leaving Afghanistan on American aircraft would be charged at least $2,000.

NatSec Daily reported on Thursday that both Americans and Afghans fleeing Afghanistan were given notice that they would be required to pay a minimum of $2,000 per person, along with signing a promissory note that they would repay the money. Upon hearing this people were outraged that the U.S. would turn people, including citizens and allies away if they didn’t promise to pay $2,000. Some news reports even claimed that U.S. citizens would be unable to renew their passport until they repaid the money. This information was based on information allegedly posted on the State Department’s website on August 14.

After Politico reported on the repatriation fees, Ned Price, a spokesperson for the State Department, emailed NatSec Daily to inform them that they would not be proceeding with these fees, nor would they be requiring a signed promissory note. 

However, despite these promises, flights leaving Afghanistan have reportedly come to a halt. This action was caused by processing delays at al-Udeid base in Qatar, where the planes were taking people, as well as the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

NatSec Daily also provided a recording of a State Department official confirming that there was no one at the airport in Kabul assisting U.S. citizens in getting on an evacuation flight. Although claiming to be committed to doing whatever possible to help Americans get out of Afghanistan, there’s not much information or guidance being provided by the State Department.

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