MUST WATCH: Gov. Desantis BLASTS Biden For Lack Of Leadership!

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday slammed President Biden and his administration for “lack of leadership” and “gifting” billions worth of military equipment to the Taliban

“You look around the country, you look around the world right now. I mean, we have Americans that are just being hung out to dry in Afghanistan. We’ve got billions of dollars of military equipment that’s just basically being gifted to terrorist groups. Things that the taxpayers paid for. Things that our men and women used.” The governor said.

He also called out the administration’s poor handling of the Southern Border crises

“You look at the border, people just pouring in. They don’t even tell you where they’re bringing these people in. We figured out they dump people in Jacksonville and some of these other places. It’s totally out of control. We’ve never seen anything like what we’re seeing now.” He added.

Later on, the governor also took shots at President Biden’s policies that are destroying the economy:

“You look at inflation, the prices are going out of control, particularly gas prices, that’s putting a huge hamper on working people, having to pay so much when they’re going to get gas.”

He pointed that President Biden is more concerned about forcing Americans to wear masks and get vaccinated than dealing with pressing issues like Afghanistan, The Southern Border Crises, the Economy, and many other disasters that his policies have brought upon since he took over in 2021.

What do you think of Governor Ron DeSantis’ assessment of the Biden Administration’s work so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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