KAMALA SINKS FURTHER: 55% Now Believe She Is “Incapable”

Source: YouTube/KamalaHarris

As Vice President Kamala Harris continues her ongoing silence on the Afghanistan situation, polls show her ratings drop even further than what it was earlier.

Just a few weeks ago, a poll showed Kamala Harris to be the least popular Vice President since 1970. That rating has now further dropped and it looks really bad for the Biden Administration.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 55 percent of likely voters now consider Kamala to be “not qualified at all” to take over duties of the Presidency.

The Vice President has not held a public press event since last week nor has she responded to anything related to the current withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Since then, she has taken part in at least four briefings with President Biden and his national security team, but has confined her public statements about Afghanistan to Twitter and did not appear at Biden’s side when he attempted to defend the withdrawal in remarks from the White House East Room Monday.

On Thursday, she gave her first on-camera remarks in about a week and delivered a scripted three-minute address to the National Association of Black Journalists’ (NABJ) virtual convention. She spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic and talked about “anti-voter bills that have been introduced in state legislatures across our country,” but did not mention anything about Afghanistan.

On Friday, she departed for her second overseas trip as Vice President to Singapore and Vietnam. Many including democrats are calling her out for the silence and lack of leadership in this critical time and her failure to address important questions regarding President Biden’s decision to withdraw and failure to secure Americans and allies in Afghanistan that is now controlled by the Taliban.

What do you make of Vice President’s long silence on this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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