THIS vaccine expert said a Trump supporter mailed her a MUZZLE as a threat. New report says she PURCHASED IT HERSELF

Tennessee’s vaccine chief claimed she was mailed a muzzle as a threat, however, an investigation found she purchased the item herself.

Michelle Fiscus reported the incident to law enforcement and suggested it was anonymously sent to her because of her job. Her husband, Brad Fiscus said, ​​”Someone wanted to send a message to tell her to stop talking, they thought it would be a threat to her.” Soon after, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security found that the muzzle was bought with a credit card in Fiscus’ name.

It was linked to an Amazon account in her name, allegedly a fake account, however, the investigation concluded, “purchases from both Amazon accounts were charged to the same American Express credit card in the name of Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus.”

Despite denying her involvement in the fabricated hate crime, Fiscus was fired from her position. She is asking Homeland Security to continue the investigation. investigator Mario Vigil wrote, “At this time, there appears to be no threat toward Dr. Fiscus associated with receipt of the dog muzzle.”

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