“That party is still pro constitution? Let’s just destroy this out of line Party!!” German AfD still doesn’t want to fall in line and the ruling class gets out of ideas what to do next.

Source: t-online.de

In the German Bundestag is a big fight between the parties that are leading the country for decades and the AfD which is called the Alternative for Germany. The fear that this relatively new party will get enough power to interrupt the Agenda of the “old parties” is so huge that the AfD is facing one investigation after the other and one defamation campaign after the other. The party wants to support and strengthen the natural family but wants too bring the daily rapings and knive attacks by refugees that have entered this country in the last decade to a hold or at least they want to support the deportation of these criminals to their home countries. This political opinion is considered to be “Nazi” because these so called refugees would face death in their home countries – because of war or their own penalties. The biggest investigation the AfD had to face was because of their campaign program they came up with in the last election cycle because of “Nazi” content even if they had copied the complete program with every spelling mistake of the ruling party CDU (Christian German Union) they used 2 decades ago, in the time before Angela Merkel was the head of that party.

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