FLASHBACK: Biden Promised To “Take Responsibility”, Blames Trump For Afghanistan

Source: CNN

Following his disastrous Afghanistan exit plan and days-long worth of silence, President Biden finally gave a scripted speech on Monday and blamed President Trump for his failed withdrawal.

While campaigning, Biden had repeatedly attacked President Trump for “not taking responsibility” for his alleged failures and “blaming others” for shortcomings. And had promised several times that he will take full responsibility for his action and would never blame others for anything.

Craig Bannister compiled a series of Biden Tweets and interviews on Media Research Center’s CNS News Blog on Tuesday. Here are some records from then-candidate Biden’s “responsibility” comments

On June 4, 2020, Biden took to Twitter promising Americans that he wouldn’t run away from responsibility:

In another Tweet on August 16, 2020, He promised again that “I’ll take responsibility instead of blaming others.”

In a September 10, 2020 interview with CNN, then-candidate Biden again promised to “take responsibility” and own up to his mistakes:

“I know what the job takes. I sat for hundreds of hours in the situation room. For eight years, I was vice president in every major decision. I know how difficult the job is.

“And one more thing I’ll do: I’ll take responsibility. I’ll acknowledge my mistakes when I make them, and I’ll level with the American people.” He claimed

Then again in a December 3, 2020, CNN interview, he reminded of his promise to “take responsibility”

“As I said to you on other interviews, I will take responsibility. When I fail, I will acknowledge it, and I will not deny that I made a mistake.”

Just like most of his historic stances, Biden’s comments contrast all of his previous views of “taking responsibility” and you can see the clear hypocrisy from his Monday speech blaming President Trump for his shortcomings.

What do you think of Biden’s “responsibility” promises? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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