Europeans are fighting for their rights and do everything to prevent the pitch black past that happened in the 1930s!


More and more countries are implementing the “Green Pass” or “Pass Sanitaire”. Only the good people, the vaccinated or the ones that have overcome and survived the sickness, and that have this card or QR Code to be tracked wherever they are, are allowed to enter restaurants and cafés. There are already debates if only these people soon will be the only ones who are allowed to go shopping groceries. Only the thoughts about excluding such a big group of people from daily necessities gives many European citizens negative chills. It was 90 years ago when a guy took over central Europe, made a certain group of people wear bracelets and excluded them from getting necessities or just the human rights. Enough people see the similar situation and more and more people are in the streets. For the worst case scenarios citizens are getting prepared. Networks are forming for the unvaccinated to get jobs but also everyday necessities like food. On August 23rd new measurements for unvaccinated shall start which includes the exclusion of grocery shopping. Tests will only be valid for 4 hours and not 8 hours as before. Only tests at work and for pregnant women who couldn’t get the vaccine yet will get free tests. Everybody else will have to pay for them. I expect the protests to get louder after that date.

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