CNN Hosts Fantasize About Beating Up Maskless People in NY!

Source: CNN

On Tuesday, CNN hosts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo fantasied on air about “throwing hands” with maskless guys on the New York City Subway

This started as CNN’s “tough guy” recently returned from his week-long “vacation” following his brother’s sexual assault investigation. Despite the AG report showing how Chris Cuomo advised the former Governor with PR strategy, CNN still has Chris Cuomo hosting a show on their network raising several ethics questions.

Cuomo was ranting about the unvaccinated being responsible for the “delta variant spread” soon after his comeback when Don Lemon joined him and brought up how he saw a story about a guy telling a woman to take off her mask on the New York subway.

Cuomo immediately shared his opinion about how he was surprised the guy didn’t get beat up and Lemon asserted he would have done it if he was there.

Earlier in this handoff, the two hosts also took shots at Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott who was recently tested positive for the coronavirus despite taking the vaccine. Don Lemon went as far as suggesting that Gov. Abbott was lying about his positive test.

He added: “But he [Gov. Abbott] is telling people ‘Don’t wear masks, it’s your freedom to get the whatever.’ Well, it is. But it is not your freedom to put other people in jeopardy which is what he did last night at the Republican meeting.”

What do you think about this duo’s rant and fantasies of beating up people with opposing views, promoting violence on national television? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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