UN now investigates the police brutality at German protests at August 1st

Source: ndr.de

Hypocracy of the German police and government when they are facing protests is something conservative people who are standing up for their human rights are already used to. The last days and weeks many videos have gone viral about the violence of the German police officers who are beating up peaceful protesters on the 1st of August. This violence was only seen at the anti Corona protests in Berlin. Antifa and Fridays for Future protests have taken place at the very same time in Berlin. The unwanted protests have been forbidden last minute with flimsy reasons -the most was because of Corona regulations but the other protests weren’t forbidden even if the same regulations should apply for them as well. A weekend earlier was the Christopher Street Day where half naked homosexuals in costumes were celebrating without masks very close together. No police and no concerns at this event or the other 2 on the 1st of August. Many people were beaten up by the police and one person died because of these attacks. He was one of the founders of a new party that wants to end all corona regulations. The leaders of the protests were always hit very hard, so nothing new here but a dead person and many more incidents that were filmed, got the attention of the UN that started investigations. Only time will tell if this is positive or negative. I hope for the first.

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