Never-Trumper GOP Representative From Michigan Dies After Long Battle With Cancer; Aged 64

Former Michigan Rep Paul Mitchell has unfortunately lost his long battle with cancer.

Mitchell, who could rightly be called a defector of a kind, having left the Republican party after Donald Trump challenged the 2020 election results, passed following a diagnosis stage 4 renal cancer.

Mr. Mitchell is survived by his wife, Sherry, who wrote in a very touching statement that “Paul was an American. He was the embodiment of what we can be if we choose to love and fight for what matters,”. She went on to state that “When he remained the lone voice and ignored the threats from those claiming to be his friends,” she continued. “Paul stood up for what matters most. It had nothing to do with political ideology and everything to do with keeping our humanity. For everyone.”

Mitchell was well-known for his opposition to Donald Trump in the aftermath of the former President’s challenge of the 2020 election results. As Politico reports, “The one-time member of House Republican leadership and former businessperson was known as a colorful and gregarious figure in Congress, though his former colleagues distanced themselves from him over his renouncement and increased criticisms of the GOP efforts to sow doubt about Joe Biden’s presidential win. Those same remarks, however, won him praise from the other wing of the the party, which has condemned Trump as a danger to the Republican party.”

Following the controversy, Mitchell disavowed the Republican party and summarily became an Independent. In a public statement, Mitchell said, ““I have stated publicly numerous times that when entering the political arena, a person must be willing to accept winning and losing with grace and maturity,” he said in a letter to House Republican leadership on his decision. Mitchell said he had feared the “long-term harm to our democracy” from the rallies aimed at promoting election fraud claims.”

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