Kamala Harris Laying Low; Hasn’t Been Publicly Seen For 6 Days

It seems odd to be calling for a public appearance by Vice-President Kamala Harris. Typically a week without seeing the risible figure to Harris would strike one as a decent week.

It was reported by the Daily Mail that Harris hasn’t been seen in 6 days and makes special note of her abstinence at Biden’s speech regarding the Afghanistan boondoggle.

“Kamala Harris typically stands over President Joe Biden’s shoulder when he addresses the nation. But she decided to skip his speech on the chaos surrounding the Afghanistan withdrawal and has not held a public event in six days – despite boasting she was the ‘last person in the room’ when the president decided to pull U.S. troops. Rather than taking her usual spot behind Biden’s right shoulder as he updated the nation on the situation in Afghanistan and defended his decision to withdraw troops on Monday, the vice president watched the speech ‘from the Green Room’, according to a White House official.”

The DailyMail went on to report that “The vice president was last pictured with the president on August 10 during Biden’s remarks on the Senate finally passing the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. She held her last public event on August 12 when she met with CEOs to discuss the care economy. In a gaggle before the event, a reporter asked Harris if ‘Afghanistan is lost to the Taliban?’. She did not answer the question, but said she would be leaving for a briefing on the situation after the roundtable on Thursday. The vice president was also pictured in a Zoom meeting on Sunday with the president and other intelligence and global entities in an image released from the White House of Biden on the call from Camp David. On Tuesday she tweeted her support for the withdrawal and said the mission was now to get Americans, allies and Afghans out of the country safely.”

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