Green Party and their green program? Thanks, but no thanks!


What happens to Germany if the Green Party wins the upcoming election or just gets enough power to get their agenda forward? The answer is very short but still very explosive: Communism in Germany for the third time within a century and massive power blackouts for whole Europe! The party doesn’t want anybody to their own home, their own car or any property at all. The next step is to forbid all cars that run with fossil fuel and to replace them with Electric vehicles but instead of increasing the power production they want all nuclear and coal power plants to be vanished. Only wind and solar power will be allowed in Germany. What will happen at night when there isn’t enough wind going? Well, then power will be imported from our European neighbors that still use this bad and dirty power plants and are building more and more on the border to Germany just to make sure that Europe won’t face a huge blackout. Europe’s power network is so deeply intertwined that not only one country is facing a blackout but it will bring down the complete European network. The safety of this network is already endangered and not that safe anymore since more and more nuclear power plants were taken off grid since the Fukushima accident in Japan. Taking down the power network happens within seconds but building it back up will take weeks. After one blackout, Europe has time traveled backwards for an estimated century. All Europeans should pray that this party won’t write our future!

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