BREAKING: Multiple Deaths Reported As Taliban Opens Fire In Afghanistan Independence Rally

It was reported Thursday by multiple outlets that the Taliban has opened fire on protesters at an Independence Rally in the Kunar region of Afghanistan.

As Breitbart News reports, “The Taliban, which was lauded by Britain’s Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, as wanting “an Afghanistan that is inclusive for all” only yesterday, is claimed to have attacked the rally where protesters flew the black, red, and green flag of the now-former government in the Kunar region’s provincial capital of Asadabad, according to Reuters.”

Reuters goes on to report that “A witness reported gunshots fired near the rally, but they appeared to be armed Taliban shooting in the air. One woman walked wearing an Afghan flag around her shoulders, and those marching chanted “God is greatest”. At some protests elsewhere, media have reported people tearing down the white flag of the Taliban.”

Reuters went on to say that “A Taliban spokesman was not immediately available for comment. Some of the demonstrations are small, but combined with the ongoing scramble by thousands of people to get to Kabul airport and flee the country, they underline the challenge the Taliban face to govern the country.”

Finally, Reuters finished stating that “The Islamist militant movement conquered Afghanistan at lightning speed as foreign troops withdrew, surprising even its leaders and leaving them to fill a power vacuum in many places.Since seizing Kabul on Sunday, the Taliban have presented a more moderate face to the world, saying they want peace, will not take revenge against old enemies and will respect the rights of women within the framework of Islamic law.”

In an interview Thursday, Biden stated that the Taliban should decide if they want international recognition as a state unto itself. “I think they’re going through a sort of existential crisis about: Do they want to be recognized by the international community as being a legitimate government? I’m not sure they do,” Biden said.

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