BIDEN’S BROKEN PROMISES: US to FINALLY donate 500M vaccines globally—SIX MONTHS after originally promised

On Tuesday, there were reports of the first shipment of the Covid-19 vaccine going out from the U.S. to other countries.

In June of this year, Biden announced that the U.S. would be buying and donating 500 million Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer. The goal was to send them to other countries that don’t have vaccines as readily available as countries like the U.S. and China. This came after Russia and China had begun sending hundreds of millions of doses of their own vaccines, Sputnik V vaccine and Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines, respectively, to countries worldwide.

As of Tuesday, the shipments of the vaccine were finally ready and leaving the U.S. Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Muñoz tweeted, “Today, we are shipping over 488,000 doses of Pfizer to Rwanda, including the first 100,000 doses from ⁦@POTUS⁩’ 500 million shots pledged and purchased this summer. This is just the beginning,” along with the link to a Bloomberg article about the shipment.

Bloomberg reported that 488,370 were being shipped to Rwanda via Covax, which is “a global vaccine sharing initiative”. To date, Rwanda has administered only one million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, which amounts to about 4.3% of the population. The majority of African countries have very low vaccination rates. Morocco leads the way with 40.4%, but some countries have less than 0.1% of the population vaccinated.

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