The fight against the pandemic with facts, statistics and experts the Lame Stream Media shuts down


At the end of January 2020 the first German attracted Covid 19 but he only felt a little sick for the weekend and was back for work on Monday. After that his whole company was quarantined. A Chinese coworker had brought the virus to the company and was already back in China when the outbreak in the company started. This incident and the videos of Chinese citizens just falling dead to the ground just didn’t add up. Soon there were the explanation of having different varieties and that Germany just got the very mild one. While President Trump shut down all flights from China, Angela Merkel waited till May for the first lock down and mandatory face covering. What happened to the tale of “2 weeks to flatten the curve” is known in the whole world. 4 German lawyers got so suspicious about all regulations and everything that was done, that they founded the “Corona-Ausschuss” in July 2020 to investigate. They provide not only Germans with good information but the whole world as they do their investigations in German and English. After one year they have 64 sessions on the whole, 10867 minutes of video footage and 55098 notices by whistle blowers. Rainer Fuellmich who is doing a class action lawsuit is working with them but also many experts with opinions that don’t go well with WHO or many governments. I am curious what will be in the history books of our time and especially about these 4 courageous lawyers!

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