Taliban: Women will keep the rights that the Sharia Law gives them! The Covid Vaccines in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan were also forbidden

More and more news are coming from the “Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan”. Bad news to the western world and their democracies, good news for believing Muslims. The shock hasn’t been overcome of how a country could have taken over that fast when the military was trained for two decades and was equipped with the latest weapons, tanks and drones. The Taliban were saying that they want to keep the embassies safe and that women shall keep as many rights as the Sharia Law will allow them. These words sound almost peaceful but the people of Afghanistan aren’t believing them and are trying to flee in any possible way. The Taliban also put a stop to the pandemic in their country. All vaccinations were forbidden in those hospitals the Taliban took over. They now want to roll out bans of the vaccination in several provinces. Only 2% of the population in Afghanistan is vaccinated and Karl Lauterbach advised to donate all the German vaccine leftovers that are expiring and not needed to this badly vaccinated country. Is Afghanistan the next country that is lost to the Agenda 2030?

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