If there’s a virus, even worse a pandemic, why is it possible that different European countries have the same infection rates but very different economic outcomes?

Source: abc7chicago.com

Sweden never never went into a lock down and just asked their citizens to wash their hands and act wisely. The Swedish economy never struggled and everything continued the “normal” way. Germany went from one lock down into another one. The state of emergency of the pandemic is continously extended in 3 month time frames. Germany’s economy got a big hit and many business’ are destroyed forever. Many company owners went into bankruptcy and lost everything. Besides the very uneven economical pictures, the curves of both countries in their case and death numbers are similar. Germany’s next elections will probably done with mainly mail-in ballots. Denmark ended all regulations at the end of June. Portugal are like the United Kingdom flip flopping on their regulations. In Belgium the constitutional court decided that lock downs are unconstitutional in their country. The only European country that was hit hard by the pandemic was Northern Italy but if you look at newspaper articles two years ago, you can see that this countryside is hit hard every winter with flu deaths and has to face not enough hospital beds in every winter. Many different countries and many different ways to deal with the CCP Virus.

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